ZAXPASS Monthly Wash Plans

Get A ZAXPASS Membership And
Come Back To Zax Every Day If You Like!

At the Wixom location!

Unlimited Monthly Passes
As Low As $24.99
(Pricing at wixom & Location)

Wash Services Ultimate Wash Wash Works Wash & Wheels Express Wash
Express Wash
Heated Dry
White Wall & Tire Cleaner
Underbody Flush
Rust Inhibitor  
Wheel Cleaner  
2-Step Clear Coat  
Tire Shine    
Clear Coat Protectant    
Polish Foam Sealer    
Teflon Bond      
  $54.99 $44.99 $34.99 $24.99

There Is No Easier, Simpler Or More Convenient Way
To Keep Your Vehicle Looking Its Best All The Time

Here’s How It Works

  • As a ZAXPASS member you can wash your car once a day, every day, seven days a week for an incredibly low price.  So if you drive through a mud puddle... or it rains… or snows… or a flock of birds do their business over your font hood… you don’t have to worry; just bring your car back and we’ll wash it again, and again and again! What could be easier?
  • Once you become a ZAXPASS member, we’ll put a nontransferable sticker on your windshield to identify your vehicle. This will allow you to breeze in once a day, every day for a wash.
  • Your credit or debit card will automatically be charged at the start of every month.
  • Each membership is limited to one car and is not transferable between vehicles.  If you purchase a new car and wish to switch membership to that vehicle, you can do so by contacting our manager on site.

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